All of our snoball syrups are made with pure cane sugar which means no high fructose corn syrup!


Our Signature Flavor menu is 100% all-natural and rotates to provide you with the freshest flavors of the season while our classic menu includes many of the traditional shaved ice flavors you were used to as a kid.

Signature Flavors

Lavender Lemonade
Fresh Strawberry
Fresh Blueberry
Watermelon Basil
Salted Watermelon
Jalapeno Margarita
Pineapple Upsidedown Cake
Cucumber Lime
Raspberry Lemon
Key Lime Pie
Ginger Peach
Caramel Apple
Pumpkin Pie
Southern Sweet Tea
Cake Batter

Classic Flavors

Blue Raspberry
Tigers Blood (Strawberry + Watermelon +Coconut)
Green Apple
Pina Colada
Key Lime
Fuzzy Navel (Peach + Orange)
Sweet Tea
Butter Beer
Wild Strawberry
Dill Pickle
Strawberry Cheesecake
Rainbow Ball (Cherry + Blue Raspberry + Fuzzy Navel)

Free Toppings!

Part of making a New Orleans Style Snoball is topping it with a little Lagniappe!

[lan-yap, lan-yap] noun
1. A small gift given with a purchase to a customer, by way of compliment or for goodmeasure; bonus.

We offer sweetened condensed milk, caramel cream, chocolate cream, and rainbow sprinkles as free toppings. A little lagniappe goes great with all of our flavors!